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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Different Perspective

This blog is going to try as hard as I can to provide a different perspective on the subject of martial arts, martial philosophy and self-defense - as they stand alone and relate to one another. You will not find any one particular martial art, system or style here and you will not find any particular technique, techniques or combinations as they relate to self-defense. 

What I want to do is breach the often lost subject of the more esoteric aspects to these subjects. I, of course, will be providing a personal perspective, a personal theory and a personal philosophy. I hope to learn a great deal from this form of expression and as a side hope to learn a great deal from those who might read this blog. The exchange of information without reservation is a cornerstone to learning, understanding and accumulating knowledge. 

Knowledge is Power

If I stray into some specifics I hope it is because that provides some further insight into the subject being discussed. I don't claim any expertise, certifications or mastery on these subjects. I look at this as an academic endeavor with the hopes that I and others can implement some or all into what they practice, train and apply. 

I hope to clarify and build on what is already known so that this stuff can continue to grow and inspire future martial arts, philosophy and self-defense. 

I draw on some experience but from a lot of others who have far more knowledge, experience and professionalism than I as a part of growing up in this discipline. I hope to maintain an open mind where change is the norm and acceptance of truth is a daily goal. 

Please take time to read the entire post before making assumptions and comments. Let the entire post provide a complete picture you can absorb and consider before commenting. Comment positively and effectively as possible to foster continued discussion outside of possible conflict. Make this blog a place where anyone, anywhere and with any level of expertise can learn, teach and appreciate what it is that we do. 


Author of "My Personal Martial Philosophy."

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