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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Mechanics of It

When studying the application of military theory as to a new strategy it came to light that to become "so focused" on the mechanics and the processes that they never looked at the problem holistically (Zenjinteki [全人的] or Zenteki [全的]). In their endeavor to understand through the process of tearing something apart and into its atomistic state, they lost its meaning. 

In martial arts defense circles the focus has become so atomistic that they have lost sight of returning to a more holistic approach to applying martial technique, tactics and strategies in a holistic manner. The mechanics are a necessary part of laying the foundation to any skill but then you must let the atomistic mechanics go and allow the mind to reach toward a more holistic method of training and practice so as to release a more spontaneous improvisational method to achieve a more realistic and spontaneous application. 

You have to forget, not literally as it will be stored or encoded into the unconscious mind, the mechanics and then rely on your ability to Coup D'oeil or grasp the situation with the power of a glance. Snap judgements based on your instincts using the mechanical atomistic knowledge encoded to the unconscious through study and practical experience. 

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