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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Philosophy Principle (Personal Philosophy)

"The true nature of any human being supersedes its outer appearance in terms of importance." - Butcher/Dresdon

Part of the principle of philosophy is a personal philosophy connected the the general martial philosophy principle that makes all of it a persons own. As martial artists we tend to give lip service to principles such as mind, mushin, kime, non-intention, yin-yang, oneness, zanshin and being, non-action, character and the empty cup. 

A personal philosophy is taking the principles and creating something unique to you, the person. One of the reasons I find this principle of importance is that without a personal philosophy that lives up to a moral and societal standard leaves the remnants of a brutal fighting/combative empty hand system that is often used inappropriately. 

In a Wester endeavor to achieve notoriety with trophies, belts and accolades from our contemporaries we sometimes forget this aspect of martial prowess. The tempering of ego to achieve something more appropriate and worth wild to us as a person and us as a member of a tribe, group or society. 

It comes down to taking these philosophical principles and making them our own - a personal philosophy. It takes what one might see outside and turns it into an inside, a true nature of self. 

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