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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Riron-ka [理論家]

The characters/ideograms mean "theorist." The first character means, "logic; arrangement; reason; justice; truth," the second character means, "argument; discourse," the third character means, "house; home; family; professional; expert; performer." 

A riron-ka is s person or persons who work with the more theoretical aspects of a subject. You would call them a theoretician. It is one who theorizes and can be the originator of a theory,  one who forms a theory. It is about ideas, about learning. A means of using the mind creatively in order to foster growth, depth and breadth of knowledge. Most knowledge tends to birth from theories. Science is created through theorist endeavors.

It is a means of taking facts and coming up with possible explanations and a theorist observes phenomena and uses reasoning to come up with practical ideas that must be proven to take up the label of knowledge. 

It is through theory that is vetted in reality that give theories their foundations leading to the creation of facts provable under more logical development. 

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