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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hard Black Belt Test, Trust Me …

Blog Article/Post Caveat (Read First Please: Click the Link)

A note was posted on Facebook about a young karate-ka being awarded the sho-dan level belt and the comment was that his tests was very hard and we should trust the author. Now, I do trust the individual as to their perspective and perception of the test and it being hard but where I diverge is the definition of what is hard and its purpose overall as to the distinction of that belt as to relevant standards according to the intent of the teaching and the students objectives in karate. 

For instance:
  • Is it for the sport intent?
  • Is if for the educational intent?
  • Is it for the philosophical intent?
  • Is it for the fighting intent?
  • Is it for the self-defense intent?
and so on because that intent is important and it governs the standards for the belt and the meaning be it traditional or non-traditional and so on … yadda yadda yadda. 

Here is why, “Black belts as a new thing not more than a skosh over one hundred years or less depending on perspective and teachings are not the level of perceived understanding they were when the first American service person earned that coveted black belt. It has, over the years, been subverted by the very business and economic needs, desires and requirements that have built the martial arts, karate and the belt system into its current state.” 

When one says hard, I find in my observations that hard is relevant to a more, mostly, physical manifestation outwardly symbolized by the amount of sweat profusely jettisoned during the test, the amount of pain perceived on the face of the person tested and the QUANTITY of material and physical requirements one must memorize to achieve a passing grade on the test.

Now, add in the duration of the test much like a marathon of physical strenuous required actions of the person tested then you have somewhat defined a perception of hard testing. I ask, “Is this actually the standard we want to test, impress upon and require to wear the coveted black belt?” 

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