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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Styles vs. Systems

Blog Article/Post Caveat (Read First Please: Click the Link)

Styles are like goals, goals are hard coded exact results of some activity used to reach said goal. Systems are not like goals, they are the very thing used to achieve better outcomes from said efforts regardless of what is set if goals were used. A system is that which allows change when one learns something of value as the system is run. To be in a system allows you to tame the chaos over time as you learn. A system is a process that allows you to learn where all the buttons, levers and obstacles lie as you apply the system. Goals set specific results and when the chaos of change through changing situations in the learning process occur it changes the path your on bypassing the goals fooling the practitioner into thinking they failed because, as required in a goal oriented dojo, they didn’t attain that goal. 

In a goal oriented dojo when those goals are not met it is always point out that the problem could be at either end, i.e., either being unrealistic or the performance was bad. Likened to, “Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.”

Systems are like, … systems! Goals drive styles, styles are like goals because they point to a specific way according to one perspective from one’s perceptions of a goal oriented way that is practiced and trained and TESTED. Goals are always tested for success or failure while systems are governed on continuous ongoing changing results. 

Styles are about techniques and basics and drills specified in detail and unchanged. Systems are about multiple principled based methodologies and multiple levels of force necessary to make the system operational and successful in the chaos of self-fense or sport competition or the combatives of hand-to-hand in combat. 

If one practices a style they are governed by the atomistic and accumulation of things and if one gets immersed in the system it lasts a life time embracing the changes of each moment and each situation and each successive time and environmental experience. A style is unchanged and held in dogmatic adherence to some tradition while a system lives and thrives in the chaos of nature, the Universe, Life and Chaos/Change. 

Some practice a style and take tests and earn belts and ranks and accolades while other involve themselves in a system that is not influenced and governed by goals, tests, trophies, accolades, belts or ranks. 

Why others fight so hard to maintain their styles or adherence to a style is to belong, why the rest work so diligently and continuously in a system is to, “Drain the swamp while angering the alligators and getting swamp water on our pants” to master the system independent of the needs provided in a style. 

Think, feel, breathe system; make the system yours; become one with the system; don’t allow obstacles, bindings or other things hold you static and stationary, allow freedom, creativity and progress to come using the system to achieve mastery, enlightenment and successes as an ongoing ever changing process. 

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